This course list may not include active course titles for the current year. It is provided so that members may verify that a course they have taken in the past meets the requirement.

Updated January 17, 2017

The following classroom courses are approved:
Business Ethics-SMTAR
Verifiable New Member Orientation-ALL REALTOR ASSOCIATIONS
Professional Standards Training-TAR/NAR
Trust Me I'm a REALTOR-Randa Dawson
Success Begins With C-Randa Dawson
Code of Ethics-Brent Maybank
Code of Ethics-Alabama Course Number 201, Various Instructors/Schools
The following ONLINE/CORRESPONDENCE courses are approved by SMTAR for the mandatory Code of Ethics Training for Cycle 4 (2013-2016.) Additional courses are being reviewed and will be posted as soon as the information is available. Please check back if your course is not posted or give us a call at 931.381.5556.

(I)=Internet/Online Course (PP)=Pen-Paper/Correspondence Course
Cracking the Code of Ethics(I)-The CE Shop
NAR: Ethical Training Through the Standards of Practice(I)-Hondros Learning/Tennessee Association of REALTORS
Code of Ethics(I)-360 Training
NAR: Ethical Training Through the Standards of Practice(I)-Hondros Learning/D & D School of Real Estate
Know the Code-Real Estate Ethics(I)-CLI(Continual Learning Institute)
Know the Code-Real Estate Ethics(I)-TREES
Know the Code-Your Guide to the Code of Ethics(I)-McKissock Learning
Ethics for Today(PP)-D & D School of Real Estate
Ethical Real Estate: The NAR Code(I)-ProSchools
Ethics & Professional Conduct(I)-Career Institute
Doing the Right Thing(I)
Code of Ethics (#7553)-The CE Shop
Real Estate Ethics and Practice(I)-CBT Alliance

The following courses have been reviewed by SMTAR and ARE NOT APPROVED:

8 Ways to Lose a License-TAR Spring Conference 2015