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In REALTOR terms, Professional Standards are those policies and procedures by which the REALTOR Member observes, enforces and reinforces their understanding of the REALTOR Code of Ethics. If you would like to learn more about the Code of Ethics or would like to know how to file an Arbitration Request or a Code of Ethics Complaint, click on the button below:

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To ensure that its members stay abreast of changes to the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, NAR requires that ALL REALTOR® members of the National Association of REALTORS® MUST complete a 2.5 hour course on the Code during each standard 2-year cycle. (Cycles are listed below.) NEW MEMBERS must complete the requirement within 60 days of their membership approval. This policy does not apply to REALTOR Emeritus members.

The current cycle ends December 31st of 2018.  This is a NEW cycle length! REALTORS® who have not completed the requirement at that time will not be able to renew their membership with SMTAR.

What ONLINE Courses are approved by SMTAR?

Please check THIS LIST before you take a course to ensure that it is approved by our association.

What Are the Cycles for this Requirement?

Cycle Dates
1 2001 - 2004
2 2005 - 2008
3 2009 - 2012
4 2013 - 2016
5 2017-2018**NEW POLICY
Cycles begin on January 1 of each beginning year and end on December 31 of each end year. The policy changed in January 2017 to become 2-year cycles, a period shorter than initially created.

How will I know if I need to complete this requirement?

ALL REALTOR Members, except for those who hold REALTOR Emeritus status, of MUST complete this requirement one time during each cycle listed above.  NEW REALTORS must complete the training within 60 days of their membership approval date. It does not matter if you are grandfathered from education by the Tennessee Real Estate Commission, and it does not matter whether you hold an Affiliate Broker, Broker's, or Appraiser license.  We are currently in Cycle 5.

How to Complete the Training

There are several ways that a REALTOR® member of SMTAR can complete this training.

  1. Attend the Ethics course offered at the SMTAR office. This course is free for new members who take it within 60 days of their membership approval. All others must pay a tuition. This course may be approved for continuing education credit with TREC.
  2. Take online training at NAR.REALTOR.  The online training will take AT LEAST 2.5 hours, requires that you set up a user name and password, and of the 2 options available, the FREE COURSE DOES NOT carry CE credit with TREC. 
  3. There are other courses that may meet this requirement, however, our AE, Mary Scott, must review the course outline to determine if the course meets the NAR requirement.

Upcoming Ethics Courses

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